TUSK's self-titled EP and the 'Incoming Elks' EP are the result of a one day improvisational recording session along ally and percussionist Joe B Love. Utilising the material from that session, the duet worked on these two EP's from home as the lockdown months didn't allow for more at the time.  The overarching idea of both EPs was to create short glimpses into imaginary worlds through sound.  

On 'TUSK' the approach was directed by what the trio performed in the studio which was then enhanced minimally. The live instrumentation consisting of drums, tenor electric guitar and electric guitar provided the basis for this EP. Meditative repetition, as pulse gives life to skeletal guitar - yielding music which is at times tender, melancholic and hopeful.

On 'Incoming Elks' the music was fleshed out by following a 'loop music, channel surfing' mentality. Small sections from the recording were looped and manipulated to form the basis for new compositions that made the 6 minute EP.

Focused on bending around and not breaking down by what present times entail, the duet is currently working towards their next batch of recordings.


Joe B Love - batterie
All the rest by Giorgos Kravvaritis & Pantelis Pilavios

'TUSK' - Marily Papanastasatoy
'Incoming Elks' - Zoi Kravvariti

TUSK is the brainchild of two childhood friends; co-founders of Polyscope.  This project seeks to draw together their love of experimental composition and improvising, their diverse influences and the collaboration of co-creators. Whilst drawing on psychedelia, noise, rock and electronic music, there remains an openness and naivety essential to the duets' endeavour of making new music, and a willingness to follow where each guest musician leads.  Based in Athens, GR.