POLYΦONIC / Sprightly


Saber Rider is a somewhat ambient, somewhat pop one-woman project that focuses on sampling techniques and their semi improvisational arrangements that eventually merge into an amalgamation of memory-like collages. Sprightly is an EP that comprises of tracks recorded between late 2019 and mid 2020, a generally confusing time that led to exploring fragmented samples from jams with other people, accidentally discovering interesting sounds from 80s toy equipment much like in previous releases, and trying to make sense out of an Electron Octatrack to no avail. Here you can listen to Transmission, the first track created from this release, a song written on a strange night that I received some pretty bad news that I couldnʼt do much about - make what you will with this information and thanks for listening x

All instruments and samples recorded, mixed & artwork by Saber Rider.
Find the full EP here:

Aliki Leftherioti is an Athens - based producer, performer, dj & educator currently focusing on plunderphonics and analog synthesis, collaborating with film, mixed media and dance artists, being a ballet accompanist, hosting a radio show, doing TV music supervision and being generally concerned. She studied composition and piano in Athens and London, as well as Brazilian percussion and music for film, having also served as the manager of UK Jazz Label F-IRE Collective in previous years.

Saber Rider



15-30 Apr 2021