POLYΦONIC / Clarion Call


I write and record music, mostly in my apartment, materializing the sound of an imaginary band, or just my own personal vision. I play every instrument, including whatever object can produce sound and be of an immediate choice (cola cans, balloons, furniture etc.). Most of my work has been released with the valuable support of Ionas Christodoulidis {E.D.A. records (now inactive)/E.C.T. records}. These four songs are, without any distinction, a humble representation of my released solo material between 2019-2021.

Perseas Rizos

Perseas Rizos (born 1986, Athens, Greece) is an Athens based musician (saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist), visual artist and poet. He studied saxophone at Athenaeum Conservatory in Athens, although he has been studying and playing music/expressing himself through art since his early childhood. Except from his solo works (three Albums & one EP – two of them under the alias ‘’Otto Sizon’’) and many collaborations with musicians and artists of the Athens underground/experimental scene, his main project, since 2016, is ‘’The Zyklons’’, a free improvisation duo with musician and painter Alexandros Magkos, with lots of released material, gigs, participations in European festivals, sound rituals in forests etc.

Perseas Rizos

Clarion Call


1-15 Jun 2021