POLYΦONIC / Water and Dreams


"As a sound-based artist, my practice consists of recording sound, voice, and creating sounds which I then merge, edit and compose with. I transform my recordings into incomprehensible noises or vibrations which are intended to give visual power to individuals’ personal. For me, sound in itself can be a piece of work or part of an installation.

I love listening to people’s stories which helps me find their true individualities. And I create auditory/visual forms with what I hear and experience through these person-to-person interactions. Also, I enjoy exploring pure sounds by field recording.

I am interested in how each individual expresses his/her own identity under the invisible or visible social rules and cultural hegemony. We belong to a society and we are expected to conform to social rules being naturally educated. As George Herbert Mead states that individuals find their true selves within the context of social relationships and cultural norms, I think we desire for difference."

Lina Choi was born in South Korea in 1990. She is a visual artist who majored in sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London, currently living and working between South Korea and London. Through her installation works, she utilises sounds by exploring the relationship between unspoken social expectations/rules placed on individuals, how the sole identity of humans locates themselves in societies. Her most recent solo show ‘The Noise Lab’ was held as part of the artist’s residency in Incheon Art Platform in South Korea. Also she participated in group shows - ‘The 7th International New Media Art in CICA Museum(S. Korea/2021), Emergent Vision(London,UK/2020) and Leeds Summer Group Show(Leeds,UK/2020). She had several residencies – Cambridge Art Works in Cambridge(Cambridge, UK/2019) and Zaratan Air(Lisbon, Portugal/2019). Also, she has run a sound workshop, A Harmonious Cacophony, with BA art and non-art based students at UAL(2020) and ILSC(2019) in London.

Lina Choi

Water and Dreams


16-31 Jul 2021