POLYΦONIC / Holy Cactus


The white dog is deaf from his birth, cannot hear the birds.
The black bird croaks provoking the noisy aluminum factory.
After the sun goes down, a mechanical vicious cricket appears.
As the day dawns, I caress the holy cactus and my fingers get pierced.

Holy Cactus is the third EP of the sound artist, self-taught multi-instrumentalist & sound engineer based in Athens, KOSTADIS.
For this album, KOSTADIS focused on recording percussion instruments, acoustic and electrοnic drums in a free form of composition, creating an organic environment consisting of folk new age elements, electronic jazz tunes, electroacoustic textures, concrete music techniques and field recordings.

Holy Cactus Written, Performed and Produced By Kostadis Michail.
Recorded Live in May 2021.
Drums recorded at Studio Sax.
Percussion and electronics recorded at Studio Victoria.
Editing and Mixing process made in June 2021 at Victoria Studio. 

Kostadis used for Holy Cactus:
Acoustic Drum set
Electronic Drum pad
Drum machine
Field recordings
Analog synth
Simsimiyya (Egyptian stringed instrument)

Mastering by Fasmatwist
Cover by Kostadis Michail

Special Thanks to Aris Stathis (Agios Anthropos) for electronic drum pad,
to Philip Kaponis (Kooba Tercu) for the cymbals and to ERGO Collective for the support.

Kostadis Michail is a sound artist, self-taught multi-instrumentalist & sound engineer based in Athens.

In his experimental solo project KOSTADIS, soundscapes created by live electronics, junk pedals, tapes, ribbon devices, objects, percussions and voices. His live performances are based on a free improvised electroacoustic spiritual escape. He has shared the stage with many musicians and bands such as Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Son Lux, Father Murphy, Id M Theft Able, Turbo Teeth, Panos Alexiadis, Bill Anagnos. Kostadis multi-instrumentalism abilities have shredded via different bands like Wham Jah, Lost Bodies, Sclavos, In Trance 95 & Acid Baby Jesus.

● KOSTADIS - FRAGMENTS (Split LP, Vinyl) Published, by Sweetohm recordings. Released September 2, 2018
● KOSTADIS - Resort Concrete (Digital,Album) Recorded Live 16/03/20 at the beginning of the Greek lockdown at Victoria Studio.
● KOSTADIS - Slumber (mini-album self release,CD-r). Released July 4, 2017
● KOSTADIS – "Unleash" (CD-R,Album) Published by Phase! records. Released January 10, 2016


Holy Cactus


1-15 Jul 2021