POLYΦONIC / De Nova Parati


After moving back to Italy I went to work in my family’s hardware store. All day I am surrounded by cans of paint, boxes of screws, brushes and all sort of tools lined up on the shelves, and I hear their sounds as I am going around the shop. For the Polyfonic project I recorded these sounds my shop makes, during lunch break on September 29th and October 1st when the shop was empty. I used my small Tascam hand recorder then assembled and stitched everything together at home and did the mastering on October 3rd. I did not use loops or fade ins/fade outs - only cut, paste, cut better, paste better.
I like to do everything myself at home, I don’t need a 2000€ microphone and a sound engineer with a big computer to capture the sounds I love - they are rough and dirty and so are me and my hand recorder.

Francesco Covarino was born in Marsciano, Italy in 1979. He has lived abroad since 2005, first shortly in London and Miami and then from 2007 to 2019 in Granada, Spain. There he started his own language school, met his wife, and their daughter was born. In 2019 they moved back to Italy and now they live in a very small town called San Valentino della Collina, in Umbria. It is nice there. It is quiet.
Francesco plays percussion and has released three solo albums: Olive (Thirsty Leaves Music, 2017), Terra (Falt, 2019) and Luce/Mantello (Wabi –Sabi Tapes, 2021). A few years ago he bought an expensive drumkit and right after that he realized he was enjoying more the sound of small, cheap rattles, toy percussion, bells. Any wood or metal object that can produce a sound, really. He still has the nice drumkit though.
He runs a tape label called tsss tapes.