This set is comprised primarily compositions I have written over the last few years, throughout my time in college. The reason behind each composition may vary but, fundamentally, I see my music as an expression of or a facet of the spiritual process. To me, art which is not rooted in the spirit of questioning, exploring, and removing one's obstacles can only go so far. For art to be truly great, it must be a force for self-expansion (for both the listener and the artist), not for self-protection. The artist must constantly step into unfamiliar terrain, regardless of the consequences, and must always strive to express that which is beyond the individual. With music, I believe the most powerful moments are those which happen out of abandon, not of individual expression.  The sound must transcend the psychological and reach the existential, or at least make a hard-core attempt to do so. So with that said, here is my attempt, warts and all. 

Evan Abounassar


Evan Abounassar- Trumpet, Composition 
Nicola Caminiti - Alto Saxophone 
Vittorio Stropoli- Piano
Hamish Smith - Bass
Miguel Russell - Drums

Recorded by Brave Sound Productions in New York City

Evan Abounassar is a trumpet player, pianist, and composer from Los Angeles, California. Based in New York and Los Angeles, Evan is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music where he was a protégé of the great Jon Faddis and a student of Kendrick Scott, Miguel Zenon, and Stefon Harris. He has shared the stage with artists such as Wynton Marsalis and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and played in venues such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Dolby Theatre. Some awards Evan has received include Shelly Manne's New Talent Award, Music Center's Spotlight Award, and Best Composition Awards from Downbeat Magazine. 

Evan recently released a self-produced EP entitled, "A Nobody", which is available on all platforms. It is an expression of his aspiration to be a conduit of individual transformation for his listeners.

Evan Abounassar



16-30 Jun 2021