POLYΦONIC / Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments


Craig Scott creates sound works for human and non-human performers. Utilising homemade analogue/digital hardware, crude robotics, modified obsolete audio technology and human improvisers to explore the disquieting tension that exists between human and machine made music.

For this project I have been designing, creating, composing for and recording digitally mechanised acoustic instruments & unique hybrid acoustic/electronic instruments. I was drawn to this method of working because of the juxtaposition between the 'unnatural' precision of exact repetition that digital control affords and the natural and inconsistent response of the acoustic sound sources. 

Now, at the post production stage of the album I am continuing this thread to further indulge the juxtaposition of the perceived natural and unnatural by emulating 'traditional' digital & analogue post production processes by acoustic means.


Bonus audiovisual material:

Craig Scott (b.1987, Aberdeen,Scotland) is a London based Composer, Performer and instrument maker. Since graduating with a BPA from Leeds Conservatoire he has played a prominent part in the UK improvised music scene, most notably with popular music groups  'Shatners Bassoon' and 'Craig Scott's Lobotomy'.

He has performed throughout the UK and Europe at: Cafe Oto, WOMAD, The Vortex, Union Chapel, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Chalton Gallery, Hackoustic, Great Exhibition of the North, Hundred Years Gallery, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival, UCA, International Festival for Artistic Innovation, The National Museum of Scotland, Music ExMachina festival (Spain) & Trem Azul (Portugal). 

Broadcasts of his solo work have been featured on BBC radio, ResonanceFM and NTS. Interviews and features have been published in The Guardian, Wire, Quietus, Jazzwise, Louder than War & Stereogum.

Craig Scott

Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments


1-14 Apr 2021