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Constructed from the debris of available media, BODY DOUBLE (2021) is the second LP produced by HapticTape Labs.
Crossing rhythmic thresholds, this sonic production has largely considered remix and bricolage: a manner of unfolding that snatches up fragments from whatever stratum it wants and crashes them together with fissile friction. Working with audio tape manipulation, modular synthesis, movie foley rips and modified field recordings, this LP is a condensation of the radio programme produced for ‘Bambi Woods Presents’.
Imagining radio transmission as an aquatic stream - our bodies bathed in waves unsound to our somatic receiver - BODY DOUBLE proposes an entry point.
Regurgitated narratives loop, imitated old stories short circuit in a disguise of the new as sampled mainstream moments are pushed underground until their next resurfacing.

HapticTape Labs is a fictional music distribution centre run by Beatrice Vorster. Operating under various pseudonyms, works released can be considered closer to audio-cinema than music.

b. 1994, Johannesburg, South Africa.
London based, graduated from Chelsea College of Arts (BA 2018) and currently studying at Slade School of Art (MA).
Co-founder of Aurelia Co-op, radio programmer for Bambi Woods Presents, co-curator of World on a Wire.

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1-15 Mar 2021