POLYΦONIC / A Slice for Property, a Knife for Poverty


'A Slice for Property, a Knife for Poverty' is a video/sound piece regarding language as in a set of communication forms which have become normative structures of the Symbolic. Language not as a form of speech or gestures, rather as forms of communication expressed through a variety of exercises and means by an organism. Actions: the placing of a certain object at a certain place, at a certain time. Wearing clothes of certain color for a certain event. Language as signs and signifiers, affected by tradition, repetition, biases, customs, socio-political interests becoming emblems, figures, commodities, myths and narratives of the Symbolic. The sound piece consists of a piano free improvisation and a segment of a modular synthesizer improvisation functioning as a metonymy for spontaneity.

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Babak Ahteshamipour (born 1994 in Arak, Iran) lives and works in Athens, Greece since 2000. His works are of socio-political, ethical and existential concerns. He works with painting / drawings, music / sound, video, writing and objects, which occasionally are combined, for instance in videos or installations. He has participated in various events and live performances mostly in small and cozy spaces. He also holds a MSc degree in Mineral Resources Engineering (Technical University of Crete).

Babak Ahteshamipour

A Slice for Property, a Knife for Poverty


16-31 Mar 2021