ERGO Collective is a creative platform founded on the premise of collaboration*.

We approach collective creativity as a mode of encouraging dialogue and learning through and with each other. Our team is formed by five core members and a growing number of contributors from Athens and abroad. Our journey began in a nomadic manner with an emphasis on site specific events. Today ERGO occupies a physical space in Kato Petralona (Athens), exploring its new identity as an artist-run space. This stability facilitates a more spontaneous ethos when realising projects, ideas and initiatives.

To have a home, means to be a host and therefore ERGO is welcoming creatives from around the world to share and propose ideas on exhibitions, performances, workshops, symposia, screenings and residencies. Throughout our annual program, ERGO’s home becomes a collective topos, where guest artists and members synthesize a line of discourse through their temporary inhabitation of the space. Our ambition is to dynamically weave the narrative of ERGO Collective’s ever growing network. Fusing our diverse theoretical and practical backgrounds, we reflect on the outcomes of those initiatives, tracing and exploring undercurrent themes and ideas. This process of osmosis inspires us to construct and constantly reimagine ERGO’s collectivity: a mosaic of composite histories. 

Our core team and its physical space represents the stable ground  from which stems the all branching growth of our networks through contributions and collaborations. 
ERGO Collective was initiated in September 2017 by Antonia Economou and Ellie Antoniou.

*for space enquiries, availability and collaborations email us at

Antonia Economou
Ellie Antoniou
Zoe Kravvariti
Nicole Nikolaou
Xenia Tabourlou

Project proposal form
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