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Following an open call, we created a group of artists that are active within different disciplines, such as audiovisual, dance/performance, architecture and music. The need for collaboration and creation of a dialogue led us to a continuous documentation of thoughts, analysing concepts and ideas, and exchanging. Redefining the abilities of each media, every member's role expanded and after parallel structures of discussion the roles were redistributed within a frame of co-creation. The study of the relation between immaterial and material, the relation of different practices within the context of architecture and content, gave The Workshop a direction towards producing and presenting a collective work created specially for the space.

*Photos by Fotis Tsaloumas for the workshop all other photos by Evagelos Karalis

Zoi Adrianopoulou
Ellie Antoniou
Barbara Bardaka
Antonia Economou
Apostolis Giagakis
Lena Gold
Ariadni Strofilla
Anna Syrianou
Fotis Tsaloumas
Vasilis Zarifopoulos

The Workshop// Show


Latraac (Drive me)

Jun 24, 2018