EVENTS / Raging Bodies - Zoe Kravvariti


ERGO Collective has the pleasure of having one of its own members, Zoe Kravvariti, as an artist in residence from 29 September until 13 October 2023. Zoe concludes her 2-week residency with the presentation of her project Raging Bodies.

Raging Bodies is an on-going project that explores the complexity which comes with female anger, and why us, women, have struggled to express it. It is developed through the use of three mediums: performance, text and video.

Opening Friday 13 October 2023
Duration: 13-15 October 2023
20:00-22:00 (performance 20:30-21:00)
Free entrance

Zoe Kravvariti is an artist from Greece, currently living in Glasgow.
Her practice is born through a need to be vulnerable. In her work, she consistently explores the themes of understanding emotions and figuring out ways of communicating them. Additionally, she delves into the burdens of femininity on the female body, often returning to these topics as recurring aspects of her artistic expression.
Her work relies on experimentation and combination of media, as she wishes to explore a variety of mediums and ways of making. Her practice for the past years has focused more on video performance, drawing, writing and most importantly the use of her own body. Her intention is to create work which is interactive and acts as a safe space where the hidden, unspoken and forbidden emotions find a place to call home.

Raging Bodies - Zoe Kravvariti

Performance, residency, solo show

ERGO Collective space (Drive me)

Oct 13-15, 2023