EVENTS / "Πρόσωπο - Ζώο - Πράγμα" - Stefani Iris Orati


Πρόσωπο - Ζώο - Πράγμα. A game in sequence formed and informed through associations, schemas, impulses. Energy loving trust in the process of image making. An activity evoking rhythm reaching a condition of not knowing; hovering.

Εveryday objects are the starting point through their form and symbolism. Gesture and sight stimulate memory and perception. The experience of things vibrating. A departure from the descriptive allows the immediacy of mark making. Drawing becomes remembering, destructing expectation. A misunderstanding, an error, which is of equal value as a truth.

Limitation in this process is essential, as specificity releases the image. An attempt of  painting into the paper rather than onto it. Size becomes temperament and gesture. The frame becomes a stage. Texture and colour become props. Negative spaces become silences. 

The space as a stage for play; or a surface for the mark to be revealed as ink, ceramic stains, paper. A story told through the intersection of different mediums. Each overtone becomes a one-word poem, an aphorism and a palimpsest. Image follows word; word follows image. A consecutive thread of thought guided by instinct and spontaneity. What is presented is a glimpse, a trace, an aftertaste of this incantation.


Opening: Wednesday 7 December 2022, 19:00-21:00 
Duration: 7-11 December 2022
Opening hours: Thur-Sun 16:00-20:00


Photos by Vasso Paraschi

“Πρόσωπο, Ζώο, Πράγμα” is an exhibition presenting works by Stephanie Iris Orati. She mostly draws but also uses printmaking, collage and association to create a language that examines the real, the spontaneous and the previous summer holidays. For this exhibition, Stephanie has invited her long collaborator Irini Stamatiadi to include some of their ceramic collaborative works. The exhibition is a setting for hospitality against a sterile white space, also considering drawings as part of a home. The exhibition is co-curated by Irini Stamatiadi and Ellie Antoniou. Stephanie Iris Orati is a recent graduate from the Royal Drawing School in London and holds and BA Degree in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art.

"Πρόσωπο - Ζώο - Πράγμα" - Stefani Iris Orati

Solo show

ERGO Collective space (Drive me)

Dec 7-11, 2022