EVENTS / Momentum of the self in portrait


ERGO Collective is pleased to inaugurate its new space in Athens by presenting the exhibition titled “Momentum of the self in portrait”. Eighteen artists from different fields and locations document themselves, and a sum portrait emerges.

The one after alpha (self).
A self-portrait, present, absent, individual, collective.
A Dramat-ergo stage/space to perform, to percolate.
A body, digitized, material.
Shadows of the present inform the past and take flight.
A momentum.
A new portrait emerges. 

This is a beta exhibition. A study of the self and its impermanent nature; its presence and absence in time and space. Dancers, visual artists, and musicians use video documentation as a means to capture, their (fleeting) essence-selves.

Presence of the self – and lack thereof – is mingled in a melancholic visual dance where bodies, digital and physical, perform like dancers on a stage. The physical presence/ shadows of the audience navigating the space becomes performative.  

The exhibition does not constitute the end, but instead acts as the means that captures the momentum of a creative process. Thus, becoming a work in itself, a self-portrait that is present, absent, individual and collective all at the same time.

Conceptualized and Directed by: Antonia Economou
Curatorial Advisor: Areti Skavanztou
Curatorial Assistant: Alexandros Rokadakis
Production Assistant: Zoi Adrianopoulou
Sound: Constantine Skourlis
Poster design: Jason Faulter

Video and sound portraits by:
Alexandros Rokadakis
Ellie Antoniou
Giorgos Kravvaritis
Zoi Kravvariti
Stephanie Orati
Iria Vrettou
Lexie Vryoni
Nicole Nikolaou
Nikola Kechribari
Xenia Tabourlou
Klaus Shehaj
Elina Zepou
Dimitris Tsikouras
Camille Roded
Shira Turbowicz
Vasilis Zarifopoulos
Orestis Mavroudis
Sotiris Tsolis

Momentum of the self in portrait

Group exhibition

ERGO Collective space (Drive me)

Nov 29-30 & Dec 1, 2019