EVENTS / It's understood you're pressed for time - TUSK


Weaving in and out of the light, the duet named TUSK presents its first audio installation at ERGO Collective's Space in Petralona.

The music comprising it's understood you' re pressed for time was composed so as to be presented as an audio installation which plays through scattered speakers and amplifiers in a room. It was designed specifically with ERGO Space in mind.

The main source of inspiration was the simple thought of giving oneself time to power down for a few moments during the day.
To allow one's brain to take a rest.

As soon as the music starts the door will remain closed for the duration of the installation.
You may leave your shoes upon entering.
Suggested donation 5 euros.

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TUSK consists of Giorgos Kravvaritis and Pantelis Pilavios.

Poster by Zoe Kravvariti

TUSK is the brainchild of two childhood friends; co-founders of Polyscope.  This project seeks to draw together their love of experimental composition and improvising, their diverse influences and the collaboration of co-creators. Whilst drawing on psychedelia, noise, rock and electronic music, there remains an openness and naivety essential to the duets' endeavour of making new music, and a willingness to follow where each guest musician leads.  Based in Athens, GR.


It's understood you're pressed for time - TUSK

Audio installation, sound performance

ERGO Collective space (Drive me)

Feb 22-23, 2023