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In praise of anything liminal is an osmosis of six narratives fused together, reimagining a collective memory. The process of making this video piece reflects its content. Space and time fold into a composite scenario weaving past experiences of various locations and moments in time. Resembling the cut-up technique, we have collated separate audio-visual narratives into a single-body synthesis by slicing and reassembling the content. This body is performing at ERGO Collective space from the 15th to the 20th of April 2022. 

Our technique reconditions the often individualistic process of video editing into a collective process of discussion, dialogue and group improvisation. The piece materialises as a common body we six share. Its montage tempo simulates an organic, yet chaotic pulsation of reflexes reminiscing and remembering. 

This experimentation with the moving image was an opportunity to bring us closer in times of emotional fragility by embracing current technologies of internet communications. In search of a common thread we developed a ritual of two-hour online collective editing through video call; a meditation disrupting our present while collapsing our different locations and time zones. In this manner, the emergence of our video piece and its visual content share this cross pollination of temporalities through the lense of our collective experiences. By sharing unfinished ideas and research, this mode of co-creation aimed at instigating trust and experimentation outside the comfort of our individual practices. 

In praise of anything liminal is an emotional reflection of our lives, of shared experiences and an interrogation of human perception. In short, it is our reading of memory through film, deriving from an introspection of our own identity as an art collective - an introspection turned into observation and back.


Opening: 15 April 2022, 21:00-22:30
Duration: 15-20 April 2022
Opening hours: daily 21:00-22:30

ERGO Collective

in praise of anything liminal

Installation, screening

ERGO Collective space (Drive me)

Apr 15-20 2022