EVENTS / Here and Now (Part 1): A Screening of the Sea


Here and Now: A Screening of the Sea is a site specific work. It was inspired by its venue: an old stone house with a view to horizontal vastness and the sea. The work is about the temporality of the natural in contrast with the repetition of the identical copy within the terrain of the artificial world. All elements of the performance are ‘live/ alive’: the sea, the musician, the audience; everything is happening ‘here and now’. The performance is a physical simulation of a film. It is a collaboration between the environment, the artists and the audience for the creation of a unique experience. In the quadratic sound installation by George Markakis, his colleague the musician Pantelis Pilavios will be creating live the soundtrack of the ‘film’, with solemn source of inspiration the present around him and only meeting point with the audience: the common view of the sea.

Έλλη Αντωνίου
Γιώργος Μαρκάκης
Παντελής Πιλάβιος

Here and Now (Part 1): A Screening of the Sea

Site-specific project

Old stone house at Platana

Oct 7, 2017