EVENTS / Here and Now: In Flux or Flex


The stage is not elevated; the audience is not distanced; the sculptures are not objects. Taking the collective’s core idea of the artwork as an alive entity literarily, the sculptures of the show are activated by the dancers. The Techno music in the space gives the tempo for the dancers’ movement. The sculptures come to life only with the presence of audience in the space and in fact, in analogy with the amount of people. This closing show of the three-part series Here and Now is manifesting ERGO Collective’s dream of bridging different disciplines of Art. The work is a collaboration between the founders of ERGO: Antonia Economo and Ellie Antoniou, along with the guest artists Kostas Valioutis, Johannes Rips and DJ and sound engineer Milad Halvaei. In Flux or Flex realises ERGO Collective’s dream of a collaborative artwork merging different disciplines of art such as Music, Dancing and Fine Art. Here and Now: In Flux or Flex is an ongoing (a)live work with lifespan from Friday until Sunday*. Embracing the main idea of the Here and Now series of shows, In Flux or Flex focuses on the embodied experience of a temporal artwork.

Έλλη Αντωνίου
Antonia Οικονόμου
Χριστίνα Γαζή
Milad Halvaei (DJ Milidi)
Ξένια Ταμπούρλου
Δημήτρης Τσικούρας

Here and Now: In Flux or Flex


Art Factory (Technostasio) (Drive me)

Dec 15-17, 2017