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A dynamic organism which aims at fusing various forms of artistic expression. In this organism, ERGO members find their place through offering a personal viewpoint and knowledge relative to the discipline each and every one of them are coming from. Today, the international Art scene has shifted its focus to Greece, and especially to Athens. The artistic current arriving in Athens carries a postmodern atmosphere and introduces Athens to the Hybrid Period. Postmodernism attempts to deconstruct the up till now well-established borders and definitions of art. Nevertheless, conventional artistic disciplines do not vanish as their definitions become increasingly blurred. It is only their boundaries which are creatively, and constantly, questioned and deconstructed. It is this process which enables the collaboration of various art disciplines.



The first ERGO Production is a piece based on the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and it unfolds through three distinct episodes CORPO | TO THE ABYSS | HOLY FATHER which correspond to Dante’s Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. The Divine Comedy is an emblematic masterpiece. The performances CORPO | TO THE ABYSS | HOLY FATHER reflect upon the Divine Comedy and the symbolic meanings which Dante attempts to transmit to his readers through this work.


The ERGO Art Collective celebrates its foundation with the Here and Now umbrella project which reflects upon the importance of time and site specificity.  While critically examining the Technological Age in which we live in, it becomes increasingly evident that we have been alienated from the idea of the present. The Here and Now series is an ongoing discourse around the concept of temporality.

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