BA641 is a flight number. This flight takes ERGO Collective to their first show that will be based not just in Athens. The piece BA641 is our first step towards going international, with members of the collective moving to different countries. The first stop is the U.K., and the show will take place simultaneously in Athens (Sub Rosa Space) and in London (Royal College of Art).
The set up simulates a video call between two people. A dual site installation performed by Klaus Lali Shehaj, in Athens and Rob Bridger, in London. We witness their effort to bodily communicate, while they experience the limitations of the technological means, such as the space defined in front of the screen and essentially the impossibility of ever making eye contact.
This performance wishes to explore how technology bridges such distances, but at the same time to expose the problematics of this form of digital communication.

Artists in collaboration
Conceptualized & Curated: Ellie Antoniou
Movement Consultant: Antonia Oikonomou
Material Performed & Designed: Klaus Shehaj & Rob Bridger
Sound: Milad Halvaei
Media & Communication: Nicole Nikolaou
Promotional Material: Lexie Vrioni
Executive Producers: Vasilis Zarifopoulos

Production: ERGO


Sub Rosa Space (ATH) & Royal College of Art (LDN)

February 1, 2019