Abducting The Priestess Might Solve Your Crops


D. always arranged ⏤

Satisfied, all she wanted was to hang with the underworld 

Who is she? - A rock to cry on 

                        This is how the seasons were created: tying up the mainlands.

Satisfied, she ties a ribbon of saffron around her right and left

            foureyed killed 

More fashioned was her shoulder to weep over

 two passerby - crisp winters

This is how the seasons were created: glowing parts in shopping bags

Only making summer, becoming red  


The show utilises the narrative proposed by the poem, fictional artist alter-ego as a conceptual model. Our main character, this all-encompassing alter-ego, is all the artists of the show together elaborating on a non-linear journey against ‘absolute truth’ and ‘logic’; a journey which welcomes the audience into a fragmented space-time of myth, rituals and dialogue. This alter-ego figure appears as haunting force destabilising ‘creator’ and ‘creation’. Working with ideas of creative collectivity,  we are responding to the architectural features of our two spaces: Space 52 and ERGO Collective space. The show is thus a game, a surreal game of chess, a dialogue between the end and a beginning and the end and beginning, a soap opera watched in the cctv camera of the club. 

Abducting The Priestess Might Solve Your Crops

ERGO Collective space & Space52

Postponed - TBA